Sunday, July 21, 2013

Goodbye to My Roaring Twenties

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently celebrated the big 3-0.  Not as intimidating as I thought it would be.  I think it helps that I have several friends that have already passed the milestone.  Of course, it does seem to make people more apt to ask the "when are you going to have babies?" question...  All in good time, my friends!

I love a good theme/costume party and I've always loved the flappers' era so it seemed like a perfect idea to throw a "Say Goodbye to the Roaring Twenties" party.  We held the party at our house the weekend before my birthday, since the actual day fell on a Monday.  We kept the party small, but in this day of Pinterest-parties, I tried to pay attention to details.

Most of the guests came dressed in costume, which made for some great pictures.  (I apologize for several of them being blurry!)

 My best friend from Charleston, Caroline, and her husband, Aaron, aka Charlie Chaplin, came in town for the weekend to help me celebrate!  It meant so much to me to have them here.

of course the picture of me blowing out my cake would be blurry!

not really sure what all is going on in the picture!

The party was a success and I had a wonderful time celebrating a milestone with some good friends!

But of course the celebrations weren't over yet!  You know I had to have a birthday WEEKEND!  Since my birthday actually fell on a Monday, Cameron & I both took the day off.  Then, it worked out better flight-wise for Caroline & Aaron to stay until Tuesday.  So we decided to take the boat down to Gulf Shores for the day.  When Mary found out our plans, she managed a day off as well so off we went.  Unfortunately, it was less than warm, but still a beautiful day.  Since there wasn't much beachin' it going on, I decided we should do a bushwacker tour of Gulf Shores to figure out who had the best drink - by boat of course!

Stop #1 - Tacky Jacks

 Stop #2 - The FloraBama - beachside

Stop #3 - Pirates Cove - Unfortunately, they were closed.  But Tiki was there for a photo-op!

Stop #4 - Flippers - this one was a first for us on the recommendation of one of my technicians.  They make their bushwackers with homemade ice cream!  It really is like dessert.

seated at the perfect table

apparently herons are not interested in tomatoes...

and this is what happens when you try to take photos of yourself on a moving boat after a bushwacker tour
trust me - this is the best one!

So yeah, I'd say it was a pretty awesome start to my 30s.  Sad to leave behind the carefree days of my 20s and look ahead to all those "grown-up" things, but I know there are some amazing things in store for me!

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