Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Decor

I hope everyone had a fun weekend!  We spent lots of time with friends and family.  Friday night, we went over to Steve & Leslie's to have dinner with them and their precious new baby.  Cameron brought ribs to grill so the new parents didn't have too much to worry about.  Saturday night, we headed over to Mary & Poe's to watch the Auburn game with friends.  And Sunday, we had Cameron's brother, Chris, Anne, our 4 nephews, and his mom, Dottie over for fish tacos.  Told you we stayed busy!


So I figured since Halloween is this week, I should finally show y'all my Halloween decorations.  They've been up all month, I promise, but I just got around to taking pictures.  I definitely tend more towards the cutesy Halloween stuff than all the ghosts & goblins.  They just aren't my thing, but I did throw in a skull I picked up at Target last year during the after season clearance.  Can't be TOO cutesy, right?

look familiar?  I found them the other day at TJMaxx.  I actually made mine pumpkins 3 years ago from a knock off I saw in a catalog.  (I don't remember which one, but I do remember they were $100+).  While these are definitely cuter, at $50 each, I'll stick with my knockoffs! 

We didn't do much to the outside of the house other than a fall wreath on the door, but I'll show that later when I mix things up a bit for Thanksgiving!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Bye-Bye Johnny Football!

I have to brag on my Auburn Tigers a little bit today.  In case you didn't watch college football this weekend, Auburn took down 7th ranked Texas A&M.  Not bad for a team that went 3-9 last year and started off this year with a brand new coach.  #GusBus  I'm pretty sure the neighbors down the street could hear us cheering!  The BCS this week has Auburn at #11.  Just goes to show you can never underestimate the Auburn Tigers!

 Probably my favorite play of the whole game:

We had a big group over to watch football Saturday and have what was dubbed "baby Thanksgiving."  This came about because 1) Cameron loves Thanksgiving food and wishes he got it more throughout the year, and 2) he loves to smoke anything on the Big Green Egg.  So Cameron brined and smoked a turkey and all our friends brought the appropriate sides: cornbread dressing, homemade cranberry sauce, rolls, bacon wrapped asparagus, and of course pie.  We had football games going on all over the place - on the living room tv, the porch tv, and 2 lap tops.  First we had to watch Auburn-Texas A&M (obviously) and the University of South Alabama.  Then we had LSU, Alabama, and Florida State fans in the house so all their games were going after that.  It was a happy day for all - except for LSU.  You know it's friendship when LSU fans cheer for Auburn and vice versa!  We aren't quite there yet with Bama. :)  Even with the LSU loss, I think we all had a good time, and definitely enjoyed the food! 

these two just couldn't wait on the rest of us

just chewing on a turkey leg 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Five On Friday

1. Zac Brown Band - Last weekend we went to BayFest, Mobile's annual music festival. There were quite a few big name artists, but due to other plans and bad weather, the only concert we really went to was Zac Brown Band.  And it was Ah-mazing!!! They put on such a great show.

2. More Cute Fall Decor - Look at this adorable duo I picked up at Target!  Can't wait to add them to my fall decorations. 

3. Mid-week Boat Ride - Wednesday we took the day off to go snapper fishing with our friends Mary & Poe. Sadly the water did not cooperate. 3 foot seas are no bueno!  We turned back within an hour. But we couldn't let a pretty day go to waste, so we spent the day riding around. 

4. Candy Corn - I finally broke down and bought my favorite fall candy treat. The cute little pumpkins are my favorite. Why is candy corn so addicting??

5. Chalk Paint Project - I talked about painting an old dresser with CeCe Caldwell chalk paint here. Well, months later, I finally got started on that project. Stay tuned for the finished product!

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ladylike Details at Anthropologie

Like most women, I love when I get the opportunity to go to Anthropologie.  Their store displays are gorgeous and the home decor section is beautiful and unique.  But when it comes to the clothes, it's really hit or miss for me.  I do love that they carry things unlike any other store, but often their clothes are a little too "eclectic" for my preppy taste.  But I do still love to look, because when I find something there that I like, it's usually love at first sight.  The attention to details are incredible.  I always flip through the catalogs when they arrive just to see what's new since we don't have a store here in Mobile, and I have to say I am loving all the ladylike details for fall!  I just may have to add a new Anthro piece to my closet this season.  Now if I can just find something with a pricetag I like...