Wednesday, September 19, 2012


If anyone else is keeping up with the show, you'll know the finale aired last night instead of it's regular time on Wednesdays.  I scheduled this post for today with my favorites from last week, but as of last night we know the winners are....


I have to say I'm definitely disappointed Cyrus didn't win, but he gained a ton of exposure and I'm sure he has a career in the dance industry now.  Anyways - on to my original post...

It's the top 4 and I'm so excited my favorites made it.  I have loved Cyrus & Eliana from the beginning.  While I love Cyrus, Eliana is definitely the better dancer.  Love her!

First up - It's the dream team!  I cannot believe they paired Twitch & Cyrus together.  AMAZING!

Switching gears - I have not been a huge fan of Chehon. I agree he is talented, but just not a favorite.  However, I really liked this dance.

I think this is the first time SYTYCD has had 2 formal ballet dancers make it to the end.  I loved watching them dance together.

And this is why Eliana should win.  She went from THAT to THIS -

It's Team Eliana all the way.  We'll find out tonight!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I completely forgot to post my favorites from the Top 6 episode of So You Think You Can Dance.  With the finale coming up tomorrow night I figured I'd show them now.

First up, I really enjoyed the Top 6 group jazz number:

 Another favorite was Tiffany's Jive.  A hard dance to do and she did a great job!

One of my favorites from this season -  Eliana, with my all-time favorite - Twitch.  Love it!

So fun to see Cyrus dance with Comfort, an all-star from a similar genre.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my Top 4 faves!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Foodie Friday

(I can't believe I'm actually posting this on a Friday)

I saw this recipe on Pinterest and was definitely interested in trying it out.  It came from my new favorite website, Eat Yourself Skinny - Skinny Funfetti Dip.  Is it as healthy as eating fruit?  Definitely not.  But it is perfect for when you have that sugary junk food craving.  You mix a box of Funfetti cake mix, light Cool Whip, and fat-free plain yogurt, then serve with animal crackers.  So good!  I think next time I will try it with vanilla yogurt.  As you can see by the picture, we took this for snacking during the Auburn game.

Labor Day weekend, Cameron caught a good size redfish so he wanted to try "redfish on the half-shell."  Basically, you cook the two sides of the fish in the skin.  He added some butter, garlic, lemon, and Tony's seasoning.  So good!  I made this recipe for Parmesan & Basil Orzo.  Simple & yummy = a keeper!  Sadly, I was so excited to eat that I forgot to take a picture of either!

Another recipe without a picture - I had a couple bananas turning brown so I decided to try a lighter version of banana nut bread - Banana Oatmeal Muffins that I found on Pinterest.  Pretty good and much better for the diet.  They don't quite have the bread consistency - I felt like I was eating baked oatmeal - but still good!

For our meatless night, I tried out another quinoa recipe from  Skinny Ms.  This one was Mexican style with black beans.  I ate mine plain while Cameron wrapped his in a tortilla.  Not pretty, but good.

Last night, we tried out another Pinterest recipe from here - Shrimp with Avocado & Mango Salad.  You layer fresh spinach, plain couscous, and some shrimp with olive oil, salt, & cilantro in a foil pack, then throw it on the grill.  After about 10 minutes you pull them off and add a salsa made of avocado, mango, onion, tomato, & jalapeno.  Definitely a good concept but needs an adjustment - the couscous was way too bland for us.  We will definitely try a version of this again.  Easy dish with minimal dirty dishes!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Cyrus & Eliana are still my favorite and I'm happy to say they made it to the top 6!

And my favorite dance of the night was Eliana's quickstep.

Can't wait to see who ends up in the top 4 tonight!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I'm halfway through my 30 days of getting on a healthy track.  I was doing great until Hurricane Isaac, Auburn football, & Labor day hit me in the span of less than a week!  Overall, I'm happy with my progress and planning to stick with it.  Less cheating over the next 2 weeks!

Come on you can do it!!!!!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Auburn Football is here!

The Auburn football season officially starts tonight!  We will be heading over to some friends' house to cookout and watch the Auburn game.  Can't wait to pull out my orange & blue!

 3684791809614528760 4 Auburn Tigers Vs. Clemson Tigers Football Tickets Chick fil a Kickoff Game

Auburn will be looking for revenge on Clemson this year.  They managed to beat us last year, ending a 17 game winning streak.  I guess that's why Dabo acted like he'd never won a football game before!  Auburn isn't starting out the season ranked in the polls.  We have a new quarterback so we will see how it goes.  But having grown up an Auburn fan, I know that the tigers tend to play better when they are the underdog.  Hopefully, that rings true tonight!


Foodie Friday

So I got a good start to my month of healthy eating by stocking up on fresh fruits & veggies.  I'll be honest - I don't think I have ever bought this much produce in one trip.

First recipe up - Quinoa stuffed peppers from Eat Yourself Skinny.  I liked them, but Cameron wants a little more seasoning.  Overall a good vegetarian recipe!

I made some kale chips for snacking.  Yum!  They didn't last one night!  I've been hearing about these a lot lately.  I followed the directions over at Eat Yourself Skinny.

I also tried out a lighter version of "fried" okra that I found on Pinterest.  You can find the recipe here.  Basically you coat the okra with seasoned cornmeal, spray with Pam, and bake in the oven.  Much healthier than frying it.  Not quite as tasty but a decent substitution.  Next time we will go heavier on the Tony's creole seasoning.

So far I'm doing pretty well with the dieting/exercising.  I've missed a few days of working out and I cheated on the diet a bit when Hurricane Isaac came through!