Wednesday, September 19, 2012


If anyone else is keeping up with the show, you'll know the finale aired last night instead of it's regular time on Wednesdays.  I scheduled this post for today with my favorites from last week, but as of last night we know the winners are....


I have to say I'm definitely disappointed Cyrus didn't win, but he gained a ton of exposure and I'm sure he has a career in the dance industry now.  Anyways - on to my original post...

It's the top 4 and I'm so excited my favorites made it.  I have loved Cyrus & Eliana from the beginning.  While I love Cyrus, Eliana is definitely the better dancer.  Love her!

First up - It's the dream team!  I cannot believe they paired Twitch & Cyrus together.  AMAZING!

Switching gears - I have not been a huge fan of Chehon. I agree he is talented, but just not a favorite.  However, I really liked this dance.

I think this is the first time SYTYCD has had 2 formal ballet dancers make it to the end.  I loved watching them dance together.

And this is why Eliana should win.  She went from THAT to THIS -

It's Team Eliana all the way.  We'll find out tonight!

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