Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Jam-Packed Weekend

We crammed a lot of fun in to this weekend!  We started off Friday night with Bayfest, Mobile's annual music festival.  Two of Cameron's high school friends came in town - Jeff from Denver & Matt from New Orleans.  And my college friend, Holly, came down from Nashville.  We are lucky to get VIP passes which get us in to a rooftop area overlooking the main stage where they serve dinner and have an open bar all night.  We stayed there much of the night and listened to Pat Benatar & Journey.

 According to Jeff on Facebook, I am officially his "ninth favorite person"
- Hey, I take what I can get! :)

Harry and the Gulf Seafood sign in the VIP area


with Holly & Elizabeth at Journey

Saturday morning we got up waaay too early and headed to Auburn for the Arkansas game.  We were supposed to be going with my parents, but they were unable to go at the last minute.  We enjoyed being back at Auburn, even if it was a pitiful loss.  Is it weird that I get teary eyed when the eagle flies and the marching band plays the fight song during pregame???

We saw the new Cam Newton statue (a reminder of happier times for Auburn football)

 and drove through downtown to see Toomer's corner.  Makes me want to cry!  For anyone who doesn't know - Toomer's Corner is an Auburn landmark, where fans roll the trees with toilet paper after a win.  After Auburn beat Alabama 2 years ago, Harvey Updyke, a trashy Bammer, poisoned the trees.  They used to look like this:
Now they will most likely die and look like this:

Anyway, we met up with my girl, Erin, after the game and did some true "tailgating"

Then, we made the 3.5 hour drive back to Mobile that evening.  Yes, we are crazy!

Sunday night, we headed back downtown for the last night of Bayfest.  We watched most of the Grace Potter & the Nocturnals show,

with Cameron & Holly

Then, Holly and I headed over to another stage to catch the end of the Luke Bryan show.  Perfect timing to catch him dancing to "Country Girl" :)

We had a wonderful time with wonderful friends, but it is taking me a few days to recuperate!


  1. Elizabeth is one of my sorority sisters! Such a sweetie. Looks like y'all had a blast!

  2. Small world! She is one of Holly's (my sorority sister) friends. I've met her several times over the years - so sweet!

  3. I also tear up and get goosebumps when the eagle flies so I'm saying it's not weird at all. :)