Sunday, November 4, 2012

Redfish on the Half Shell

Our nephew, William, loves his Uncle Cameron.  Apparently he talks about him a lot at home and "calls" him on his pretend phone almost daily.  So a couple weeks ago, Cameron decided to treat him to a special day, just the two of them.  They started out with lunch at Chickfila, then took the boat out for an afternoon of fishing.

They had an amazing time.  I think it is so special for Cameron to share these moments with our nephews.  Needless, to say the older two were very jealous and already planning when Uncle Cameron will take them fishing - without William!

Since Cameron brought home a good-sized redfish, we decided to have redfish on the half-shell for dinner.  We've done it before, but I actually remembered to take pictures this time.  Cameron filleted the fish, leaving the skin on.

Then he made a mixture of melted butter, lots of garlic, Worcestershire sauce, Tony Chachere's cajun seasoning, and some lemon juice.  Sorry, there are no measurements - he's just not that kind of cook.

Then, he put it straight on the grill...

And we ended up with this.  So good!

Tonight, we're having the whole family over for a fish fry to enjoy the rest of their catch that day.  Should be delicious!

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