Saturday, April 19, 2014

Around here

I have really been slacking on the blogging lately!  I just get caught up in daily life and it's easy to forget about blogging sometimes.  I'm really trying to not make myself feel bad about that!  When I started this blogging thing, I wanted it to be fun and not something I stress about.  Sometimes that's hard - do any other bloggers feel that way??

So last weekend I finally busted out the shorts - granted it was just Nike tempos but oh well!  I worked Saturday morning, then Cameron and I spent a couple hours getting the backyard ready for spring time "porch-sittin" - my favorite!  We weeded the beds, picked up sticks, and cleaned all the pollen off the patio furniture.  We still need to pick up some fresh pinestraw for the beds, but the yard is looking better already!  This was the first weekend I really felt like Spring is here - and it was amazing!

It has been babies everywhere here!  First, I got to visit my friend Sara's week-old baby boy, William Provost.  Then the next morning, I got the message that my friend Mary was in labor - a month early!  That night I went to visit her in the hospital and meet sweet Gregory Clark.  Both are absolutely precious!!  Baby fever anyone?

Of course, I had to go over to Mary's to decorate her door before she came home from the hospital.  I basically bought two wooden circles at Hobby Lobby, glued them to a paint stirrer, painted, and added a bow.  Voila!

We finally got to take the boat out for a few hours.  This was actually our second boat trip of the season - we froze our tushes off on the first one.  So I'm just going to ignore that one and say boating season is officially here!

the perfect boat lunch

I finally wrote something on our chalkboard that has been hanging empty for several weeks.  With Easter coming up, I thought this was appropriate (I definitely stole the idea from here). 

Our nephew, William, decided he wanted to play tee-ball this year so we were a good aunt & uncle and attended one of his games.  So cute!!

I've been working on that whole green thumb thing and flowers are actually blooming in our yard!

One of the clinics I work for recently purchased a therapeutic laser.  I'm a bit of a nerd and love learning new things.  So far I am loving this new piece of equipment.  Lola got to be my first patient for the arthritis in her back.

what's could be cuter than a dog in doggles??

So that about sums up what's been going on around here!  I hope everyone has a very happy Easter tomorrow.  Look past all those bunnies and candy and remember the true meaning of Easter!

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