Thursday, April 3, 2014

Flowers & Antiques

It's true - I have become my mother!  :)  A couple weeks ago, my mom came down from Memphis for a long weekend. She'd heard of the flower festival at Providence Hospital in Mobile and wanted to go. I'd heard of it, but never even considered going. Let's just say I was pleasantly surprised!

how cool is this table??

We spent the next couple of days antiquing. My mom and I have different tastes and are typically looking for different items.  She's very classic colonial, while I prefer more rustic French, yet we appreciate each other's interests.  It's always a fun day shopping with her and I wish we got to do it more.  I found lots of cute things...

love the bright color painted inside this armoire

oh so true!
We even happened upon a movie being shot in downtown Mobile.

I bought a few small things....

I am definitely a seashell hoarder but I couldn't pass up this clam shell for $8, especially when I found a decent replica later in a high end store for $48!!

Then I found a pair of these caneback chairs for a steal.  I have no where to put them, but I couldn't pass them up.  Cameron just knows when to say "yes honey. "  :)

I do plan to paint and reupholster them (eventually).  Here's my inspiration...

I'd say it was a pretty successful couple of days!  And time well spent with my momma!

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