Monday, January 16, 2012

Our children

Cameron & I have yet to officially start our family, but we do have several 4-legged children running around the house.

Meet Lola:
Lola is an almost 4 year old female German Shorthaired Pointer.  Her registered name is "Lola's Second Honeymoon" after the Jimmy Buffett song "Frank & Lola."  She is our first and by far the most spoiled.  Cameron and I had desperately wanted to get a dog while we were students at Auburn, but both realized the responsibility was more than either of us could handle.  So when we decided to get married, we started to talk about getting a puppy as our wedding present to each other.  We both loved the breed and went to "look" at a litter outside of Birmingham, AL one month before got married.  Needless to say, we came home with a puppy that day...


Meet Lilly:
Lilly is a 3 year old female Brittany.  We continued the Jimmy Buffett theme and registered her as "Spider John's Lilly" from the "Ballad of Spider John."  Cameron surprised me with Lilly on the last day of my fall finals my 3rd year of vet school.  He had been itching to get a second dog after we got Lola earlier that spring.  I was hesitant, but how do you say no to a Christmas surprise puppy??  She has tons of energy and quickly became Lola's best friend.


Meet Lulu:
Lulu is a 1 year old female gray tabby cat.  Yes, I realize all of our pets have "L" names, and yes, I have promised my husband that I will not do that to our children.  But the first two had Jimmy Buffett names, so Lulu (Jimmy's sister) just seemed to fit.  I have always had a thing for gray cats and when a stray tiny kitten was brought in to the vet clinic I worked for at that time, I was attached.  She had been hit by a car and was supposed to be euthanized, but her only injury was a broken toe.  One toe amputation later, she was up for adoption, and I knew the perfect home for her.  The pups weren't too sure about her at first, but a year later, I'm pretty sure Lulu thinks she is a dog.

And now introducing.....


No, we have not completely lost our minds!  Hank was found running with another GSP in Mobile and taken to the county shelter.  Their owners were never found and the female was eventually adopted, but Hank was still at the shelter.  His picture was forwarded to us by friends, knowing we have a soft spot for German Shorthairs, but the Gill household was not looking to expand.  Then we learned the Southeastern German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue was trying to get him out, but didn't have a foster home to put him in.  Can you see where this is going?  Yes, we are officially foster parents!  He is about 1 year old, and we are quickly learning the trials of puppyhood all over again.  He has managed to escape the backyard twice already - both under & over the 6 foot privacy fence!  Thankfully, both times he stayed in the front yard.  He is absolutely precious and we already have a couple homes interested in him.  I'm hoping we won't be a "foster fail" and will actually let him go!!

I absolutely love having a house full of animals, but I think 3 dogs and a cat is enough.  My mother is concerned I might replace children with animals!  Don't worry, Mom, I really do want kids, but for now I prefer to able to leave my "children" in a crate when I want to go out!

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