Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekend at the Hunting Camp

Cameron and I spent the weekend at the hunting camp with his brother, Chris, and our nephew, William.  It was my first trip of the season, and I have definitely missed it.  While I am not a hunter, I do enjoy being out in the woods where it is so calm & peaceful (as long as Cameron isn't shooting!).  Plus, I enjoy spending time with Cameron doing something that he loves.  Unfortunately, highs in the 70s does not make for perfect hunting weather.  We saw a few does, but Cameron has already shot 2 this season and is holding out for a buck.  I also saw my first bobcat.  It was too dark to get a good picture, but I did take plenty the rest of the weekend.  When we weren't hunting, our time was spent napping, watching football, catching up on my magazines, and socializing with other members of the camp.

 Sitting in the shooting house.

The girls also love the hunting camp - room to run and tons of exciting smells!

We heard William was very excited to get to go to the hunting camp 
so he could grill with Uncle Cameron!

and of course build a shooting house out of duplos - complete with a green field.

We ended our weekend with dinner at Cameron's mom's house for Epiphany, a celebration of the wise men's visit to see the baby Jesus.  It's always nice to spend time as a family and a great way to bring the holiday season to a close.

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