Sunday, July 8, 2012

No Snapper For Us

We tried yet again to catch some red snapper this weekend, but our plans were ruined by the weather for a second time.  We left out of Dauphin Island Saturday morning in what looked like beautiful weather, but as soon as we got away from the island, we could see dark storm clouds on the horizon.  It was a weird feeling to look to the East and see sunshine & blue skies, but look to the West and see dark, ominous clouds.  Cameron & Poe checked the radar and it looked like the storm was moving North so we decided to stay close to the land and fish off the rigs while we waited for the storm to pass.  We waited and waited.  It never rained on us, but it got windy and choppy, so we were all hesitant to head off shore.  So no red snapper for us, yet again!

We caught quite a few fish, but no keepers.  A tiny cobia, a big redfish (too big to be tasty anymore), and tons of baby sharks.  We all still had a good time out on the water, even if it wasn't quite what we had hoped for!

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