Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Mardi Gras!

Today is the official end of Mardi Gras!  Unfortunately, it has been raining all day so we opted to stay home rather than head downtown for the Fat Tuesday festivities.  We've had a busy few weeks with parades and balls so I have plenty of pictures to share.

But first, can we talk about how my new years resolutions have been an epic fail thus far?  That's the thing about resolutions - sometimes I feel like we set ourselves up for failure.  However, I still choose to make them in the hopes of bettering myself.  So how bout we just say I start over with the coming of Lent?  You'll have to stay tuned til tomorrow to find out what I'm giving up for Lent.  I got a little creative this year.

So recap on our Mardi Gras celebration...

Mardi Gras came early this year, with the beginning of the season coinciding with the end of deer hunting season.  So I kicked it off sans husband with a little girls get together on Dauphin Island.  We rode around the island on bikes for some excellent people watching, had some delicious pudding shooters (this isn't Mary's exact recipe but pretty close!), and of course enjoyed the parade.

it pains me to put up a picture of Bammers, but I love the dog on the back of the bike!

The first parade we went to in Mobile was the Incas - always a good one!

The following Tuesday we got dressed up and headed downtown to catch the LaShe's parade before heading to their ball.  This was my first time at a women's crew ball and I loved it!  They definitely put on a good party - enough so that I'm seriously contemplating joining!

Steve and Leslie doing a little cupid shuffle, or was it the wobble?

with Mary before callouts

with my cousin Courtney. 
She didn't ride this year because she is having a baby boy soon!

Yes, I was dancing by myself!

Friday night we hit up the Crewe of Columbus.  Harry & Lance knew someone riding in this parade so we got pelted with beads, cups, and other throws.  I just ducked for cover!

getting ready for Kyle

Saturday was the Mystics of Time.  Two of my pledge sisters, Holly & Amanda, came in town for the ball.  This was Amanda's first Mardi Gras so we watched the parade twice - once in a calmer, family-friendly location and the second time by The Garage, a bar that can get a little crazy.  After the parade, we got dressed to dance all night at the ball.
slap bracelets!!!
with Amanda & Holly

Holly rocking plenty of glowsticks

After a fantastic night we decided to try our hand at an Alpha Chi pic.  This is something that became popular AFTER our AXO days were over, so watching us trying to figure it out after a few drinks was quite priceless.  Thankfully my husband was around to document it!

Not quite but close enough!  I had an amazing time with old & new friends.  Can't wait for next year!  But I'm glad I have 11 months to recover!!

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