Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Home Tour

Funny that I'm finally sharing our Christmas decorations around the house on the day we decided to take everything down and pack it away for next year!  Hope you enjoy!

Yes, we have 2 trees in our little house.  What can I say?  I love Christmas!  The first tree is my "decorator" tree where all the ornaments coordinate.  This tree is our "family" tree.  It's always a real tree and the ornaments all have a special meaning or were gifts from friends & family.  Every since I was a baby, my mother gave me an ornament each year that signified something that happened in my life that year.  When we were married she handed them all down to me and I've continued the tradition for Cameron & I.  Our Christmas tree really tells a story and it means so much to me!

This ornament was a gift from our friend Lance who has gotten into woodworking.  How pretty is that?

This was the ornament we got this year - an anchor for our first boat!
I hope you enjoyed my little home tour.  Maybe next year I'll actually get it up BEFORE Christmas!

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  1. Pretty, Heather. Your paperwhites are amazing! And both of your trees were gorgeous!