Sunday, August 5, 2012

Playing catch up (aka the longest post I have ever written)

Wow has it really been 3 weeks since I last blogged?  My mom actually called to "make sure everything was ok" because I hadn't posted in a while!  The Gills have been very busy between work and trying to enjoy every minute of the summer.  So I will try to catch everyone up on the last few weeks. Be warned it's a long post with a ton of pictures!!

On the home front -

Our new sofas arrived!  I absolutely love them!  Of course, I'm super paranoid of getting anything on them now.  Lulu, the cat, also decided it seemed like a perfect scratching post so the bottom is currently wrapped in aluminum foil and we have a water pistol on the counter.  Very attractive, let me tell you.  She seems to be learning her lesson so hopefully the foil will come off soon.  We are also in pillow overload. The 2 sofas came with 8 pillows!  I ordered one pair in a fun floral print, but none of the other fabric choices jumped out at me, so I ordered the rest in the sofa fabric and plan to cover them.

For the next new addition to the house - I've mentioned my hunt for a bookcase before.  We found one at an antique store in Memphis, but it wasn't for sale - so we made our own.  Or should I say Cameron & Lance made it, and I painted it.  The building required a couple Lowes trips - one because Lilly decided to chew on one of the rosette trim pieces.

 working hard

The guys added molding around the top & bottom and rosette blocks in all four corners.

Here's the before - my college Walmart special was crammed full of random stuff, cookbooks, textbooks, and a SOME of my vet school notebooks.  Yes, 2 years after graduation I still have them on display.  Part of the agreement for the new bookcase was that they must be moved to the attic.  Cameron originally said chunk them, but I cannot bring myself to throw away all that hard work so the compromise was a box in the attic.

 After a sorting through the disaster, here's the new bookcase. We still have a box of books in the attic to add and, of course, some decorative stuff.  But this is sooo much better.

The weekend before last, we had an awesome beach trip with two of our favorite Auburn couples - Josh & Adrienne and Erin & Ryan.  They are our "round 2" Auburn friends.  Cameron and I were in Auburn for a total of 9-10 years.  We both had our undergrad friends, who all graduated and moved away so we made new friends - round two.  Some we met through vet school, some we met outside of school.  Josh and I worked together at a vet clinic in Auburn.  We started hanging out with he and his girlfriend, Adrienne (his now wife) and soon became inseparable.  We cooked "family" dinner together many nights of the week.  Erin was a fellow vet student.  We met on day one and clicked instantly.  I could not have made it through vet school without this girl.  Cameron and her husband, Ryan bonded over being vet school hubbies.  We introduced the two couples and the rest is history.  We are trying to do an annual beach trip to get all of us together at the same time.  With us in Mobile, Josh & Adrienne in Atlanta, and Erin & Ryan in Huntsville, its not an easy task, but so far so good.

On to the trip - the reunion started Friday night.  I was the last to arrive since I had to work a full day.  I showed up to a shrimp boil for dinner and the catching up began!  Isn't it amazing how there are some friends who you can go months apart, but once reunited, its like you never left each other?  We finally called it a night when Adrienne started falling asleep on the couch, but insisted she was still listening.

Saturday it was a little overcast but the sun made multiple appearances.  We hung out on Robinson Island, an island in Perdido Bay,
 Ryan's model pose

 The boys getting hit on by a cougar.  She claimed she really liked the boat....

The little mermaid

 Yes, that is a manatee mailbox - with a baby holding an American flag - and of course, Erin.

 We took a boat ride over to Pirates Cove for the best cheeseburgers, onion rings, and bushwackers.  Pirates Cove is a dive of a bar/restaurant that is very popular with the boaters in the Gulf shores/Orange Beach area.  Don't expect the food to come fast and you might have a few furry friends beg for a taste, but it is a true beach bum experience.  No summer is complete for the Gills without at least one visit.  Cameron has been going since he was a child.

After getting chased off the island by a little rainstorm, we headed to the condo to get ready for our night out.  It started with dinner at Tacky Jacks

then off to the legendary Florabama.  We had a few drinks, danced to some country music, and generally enjoyed being all together again.  We realized we can't quite stay out as late as we used to and headed home only to see people twice our age just arriving!  Ouch!

For those who have never been to the Florabama - If you notice all the things hanging above our head - yes, those are the bras of previous Florabama visitors

Sunday morning we laid out on the beach.  I wish I could say it was beautiful & peaceful, but I'd be lying.  With all the stormy weather we've have had in the gulf lately, the seaweed was everywhere!  In the water and on the beach.  Plus there was a yellow flag waving meaning the water was rough.  We attempted to brave the waves with our little cooler float but you can only take it so long!

Sadly, Erin & Ryan had to head home Sunday afternoon.  After a delicious dinner Sunday night courtesy of Adrienne,

the remaining four of us decided to head to Adventure Island, aka "baby casino" (because really, arcade games are just like slot machines for kids, right?).  (sorry for the phone pics, I forgot the camera!)

We played arcade games for a while, including Cameron's favorite - Deal or No Deal.

 Cameron & A were much more successful than Josh & I

 At some point, we learned A had never raced go-carts before!  So of course we had to do it.  By this point it was close to midnight and most of the kiddos had gone home, so we were the only 4 on the track.  The teenagers running the track let us a play around a bit.  We may have bumped each other just a little - hey, rubbin's racin'!  We ended the night at Waffle House just like the Auburn days.
 no clue what that face is about...

Monday morning, Cameron & Josh went fishing.  The plan was for Adrienne and I to meet them at the boat launch and have another boat day.  Unfortunately, the boat decided to start acting up again :( so we headed out to the beach again.  The water was a little calmer, but still crazy full of seaweed.  We just enjoyed lounging on the beach.  The boys made a run to the store for ice and showed up with wine and plastic glasses.  What good husbands!

After a little pool time, we decided it was time for some oysters and headed to Papa Roccos for happy hour.
Then, we decided to stop by the condo where Josh's parents were staying.  Don & Kathy are our tailgate parents.  They showed up to Auburn with their RV for nearly every game.  On the way home we spotted a new daiquiri shop so of course we had to stop.  Decent, but no fat tuesdays!

We cooked dinner, then Josh's sister, Sarah, came over for a couple rounds of battleshots.  Basically its like combining the game of battleship with beer pong.

 It was boys against girls.  At some point Cameron texted a picture of their board to our friend, Harry, back in Mobile.  He, of course, forwarded it on to us.  And we repeated the same for round 2.  Cheating, maybe.  I like to call it using the information that was made available to us.  Don't worry, we fessed up at the end.

Tuesday, it was time to head home :(  It really was a great trip with some great friends!  Definitely have to do it again next year!

Back in Mobile, I was able to catch up with my roommate from Auburn over dinner.  She currently lives in Birmingham, but was in Fairhope for work so it was a perfect opportunity to get together.  It was so good catching up with Kitty after way too long!

After a short workweek, we headed back to the beach last weekend.  Yes, I would spend every moment at the beach if I could.  We are so lucky to be able get there as quickly as we can.  Anyway, our friend, Harry had his family's place on the lagoon for the weekend so he invited a group of us to come down.  I wasn't able to join in the fun until Saturday afternoon because I had to work.  I expected to show up to a crazy bunch.  Instead it was rainy and everyone was napping after a morning on the beach!  We really are getting old!  Cameron and I sat out on the dock for a while - he fished, I just enjoyed the peace and quiet.

cute little crab

We headed to Wintzells for dinner then on to baby casino again.  Now I like the place, don't get me wrong, but two weekends in a row was a little much.  Another round of putt-putt, where we saw an unexpected guest

and of course more arcade games where the boys racked up and I actually won Deal or No Deal.

 Harry contemplating his prize.

Sunday, we laid around on the dock and played in the much calmer lagoon water.  No seaweed, but swarms of jellies!  Not the stinging kind.  As usual, the boys ended up throwing them at each other, and then Cameron turned a noodle into a "jelly gun."  I guess boys never really grow up! :)  (sorry for the fuzzy pics, apparently my lens was smudged!)

We headed back to Mobile that afternoon for family dinner at Dottie's house (Cameron's mom).   Good end to another good weekend.

So that about sums up what we've been up to (I think). If you actually made it to the end - I'm impressed! 
Now that things have calmed down (for a couple weeks at least) it's time to get back to my routine.  Let's just say my exercise habits have been slim to none lately, and it was very obvious on my run Thursday...

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