Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Preparing for Hurricane Isaac

I'm sure everyone is aware of Hurricane Isaac making his way toward the Gulf coast.  Mobile is hunkering down for the next couple of days.  While most people prepare for a storm by stocking up on water, batteries, and non-perishable foods, we chose to prepare by cutting down a tree.  Yep, you read that right.

When we purchased our first home in May 2010, I fell in love with the curb appeal with the two trees flanking the sidewalk.

Well, in the last year, we noticed the tree on the right was starting to die.  About six months ago, during a particularly windy day, a large limb from the tree fell on the house. The damage was minimal - just a bent gutter.  Every time a storm blows through, we have a large number of branches in the yard.  Then, about a month ago, during a a rainstorm, another large section fell on the sidewalk - just as I was running from my car to the house!  Cameron has been trying to convince me for a while to cut it down rather than have in fall on the house during a hurricane, but I was stalling.  I love my trees!  Well, I finally agreed so Cameron & Lance set out to take it down Sunday afternoon.

Part of the tree was still green, but you can see all the dead limbs where it has broken off

It started out well...
first limb down.  I almost cried

this picture reinforced to me why we were cutting down the tree

Lance has done this before

Then came the last section - the dead part that leaned over the house.  We tied the rope around the tree and hooked it to the truck.  I was to drive the truck slowly while Lance cut a wedge out.  I hit a point where I couldn't "ease" forward anymore, the boys were telling me to go, so I gave it some gas.  The rope broke.  And the tree fell on my house!  Isn't that what we were trying to avoid???

Thankfully, the damage was minimal - yet again.  We lost a few shingles.  The job then required someone to climb on our very steep roof with a chainsaw.  I sat on the ground, biting my nails, ready to call 911.

No injuries!  The tree is successfully cut down.  I have to admit I almost cried when the chainsaw first started up.  I just can't get used to the way our yard looks now.  We still need to cut the trunk off at the ground and call a stump grinder.  If we can get that done soon, I hope to plant another tree this fall.  Something that turns vibrant red in the fall...

I'm ready for the storm.  A couple stormy days to be lazy around the house.  Hope we don't lose power!  To everyone on the Gulf Coast - stay safe & dry!

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