Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Recap

Typical for us, our weekend was centered around water.  Saturday morning we left bright and early to meet up with about 20 other people to go on a tubing trip down Coldwater River in Florida.  The trip was the brainchild of our friend Elliott.  Since so many people wanted to go, we ended up renting a bus to take us on the 2 hour ride there and back (no DD's needed!).  I have to say the bus ride may have been the funnest part! 

Tubing was fun too...

...until it rained.  I have been tubing a few times and it has rained every single time.  What's up with that?  At least this trip was hot & sunny for the first half.
That would be me hiding in the woods during one of the rainstorms.  Why not let the trees block some of the rain?

We still had an amazing time.  It took forever to go the 4 miles because with that many people, someone wants to stop at every beach.  I think it's funny that you can get a group of 30 year-old professionals, some with children, put them together and we all act like we're in college again!
a floral shower cap made an appearance on the trip.  Yes, that's my husband.  priceless.

Sara, Darla, Mary, & Me

Sunday afternoon, we decided to take the pups on a boat ride.  This was their first trip on the new boat.  I know, it's sad.  But back in the spring the water was too cold for them to swim (and they love to swim - Lilly especially!) and this summer we have always had plenty of other people on the boat.  This trip it was just me, Cameron, Harry, Lilly, & Lola.  I think they had a good time:

they love the wind in their hair

Oh and Harry does too!

Harry hitching a ride

Lilly always has to have a leash on because she loves the water so much that she'll jump out at any point!


and she's off!
tuckered out!

not enough room in the backseat for all 3 of us
It was a great weekend!  Now to get ready for a full workweek before VACATION!!

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