Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Family Photos

Cameron and I haven't had professional pictures taken since our engagement/wedding pictures almost 6 years ago. And since Lola and Lilly weren't in our lives then, they never have.  They do appear in our Christmas card each year, but those pictures were always taken by a friend. I really wanted to get good professional photos taken to document this phase in our life - before kids, when the four legged kids are our only kids. We hired local photographer Jaimie of Bubblewood Photography. We actually had these pictures taken back in November for our Christmas card, but I'm just getting around to sharing them!  She did a great job with two pups who were less than cooperative. We spent forever that morning at the dog park to wear them out, but all that was forgotten when we showed up at Bayfront Park. It was a new place with lots of things to explore and the girls wanted to look everywhere, but AT the photographer!  Lesson learned. Next time, show up early for the appointment and wear them out right before. Anyways, on to the photos...

And this was the one we chose for our Christmas card:

And since I'm sharing family photos, here's my family's Christmas photo:

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