Monday, January 27, 2014

Lazy Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  It was pretty lazy around here - at least for me.  Cameron left for a tuna fishing trip in the midst of the winter storm sweeping across the south. It was doomed from the start - and I thought they were crazy to want to go fishing when it was freezing cold.  The guys left on Friday for Grand Isle, LA, intending on fishing all day on Saturday but the charter captain decided the 6 ft seas were no bueno so they laid around watching football and headed out early Sunday. The plan was to fish most of the day and still make it back to mobile Sunday night.  Everything was going great until one of the motors went out when they were 47 miles offshore. Then they started the excruciatingly slow trip back.  Only one guy's phone was getting reception that far out so I got my updates through his wife and finally talked to Cameron just after midnight when they docked. He told me they were spending the night so I finally went to bed. Apparently plans changed because he walked in the door this morning before 6 and crawled into bed for a quick nap before he had to get ready for work. I told you the trip was doomed!  But at least they caught fish, just not tuna!

Cameron caught some kind of rare triggerfish

I on the other hand had a very lazy weekend.  It was sleeting on Friday, a fairly unusual occurrence in mobile so I came home from work, changed into sweatpants, crawled under a cozy blanket with a glass of wine and didn't move. Saturday night I did venture out for dinner with the girls.  Mary and Sara are both pregnant and due in April & may. It's so fun listening to them getting ready for the babies to arrive. Darla and I aren't quite sure what to think just yet!  Other than my night out, I spent my weekend doing things around the house and checking off a few things on my to do list. Nothing too exciting. 

Oh and this sweet boy celebrated his 5th birthday. Sadly we couldn't make the trip to Austin, but my brother did send me a picture of Elijah rocking his new yellow rain boots we sent.

We are gearing up for even colder weather for the next couple days - maybe even a little snow!  

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