Monday, February 3, 2014

weekend shopping

Cameron was gone again this weekend - this time to the hunting camp.  Only one weekend left in deer season so you know he has to be there every minute possible!  I've gotten used to the "hunting camp widow" thing and sometimes it's nice to have some free time to yourself.  Usually I either hole up in the house and try to check a few things off the to-do list OR I spend way to much time out shopping.  This past weekend was the latter.  But I did go out armed with some coupons and gift cards so I really didn't spend much, but I came home with some cute stuff!

I started off with a little online shopping from the couch and ordered these new running shoes from Amazon for work.  I'm very picky when it comes to athletic shoes and have a very difficult time picking out a new pair.  Cameron absolutely hates it when I announce I need new ones.  So when I saw these on Amazon for a good price, I jumped.  Now let's just hope they're comfortable!

I decided to check out Forever 21 since I haven't been in quite a while.  I happen to love this store and even at 30 do not think I'm too old to shop there.  BUT you do have to be very picky.  I have girlfriends who will turn up their nose about shopping there, then look shocked when I tell them the cute top/skirt/etc I have on is from the teeny bopper store.  It's certainly a hunt but you can find some great stuff to mix with more expensive pieces and even some pretty good knockoffs too.  This visit I found this cute shift dress that will have to stay in my closet for a couple more months.

sorry I couldn't find it online
And if you are in the market for a statement necklace on the cheap, Forever 21 is your place right now.  I got the coral version of this one, but saw plenty that I could have brought home.

I also picked up 2 new pairs of earrings:
Since I had a merchandise credit leftover from an online return several months ago, I hardly paid anything!

Next, I decided to wander around Ulta since I had a 20% off coupon.  Surprisingly, all I came home with was the Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Eyeliner.  I'm always on the search for eyeliner and mascara that won't smudge on my oily skin and I've heard this is a good one and cheap!  It's worth a try.
Since Old Navy is in the same shopping center as Ulta, I figured I would see what they had new coming in for Spring.  None of the clothes were too exciting, but on my way out I found these two bracelets on the clearance table for $3 each.  Can't beat that!

LOFT was having one of their 40% off the entire store sales and again I had a gift card so I went to see what I could find new for Spring.  I wanted desperately to love these dotted shorts, but the fit was just off. :(

But I did find these 2 sweaters on the clearance rack for $15 each!!  They look way cuter in person than they do online.  I wouldn't have given them a second look online.  The first one is so incredibly soft and comfy, has a cool honeycomb weave, AND has pockets.  The beading & rhinestones on the 2nd one is beautiful and makes it the perfect sweater to throw over a dress for a nice event.  Love when I find a good deal!

Apricot Lane is a chain boutique just a few doors down from the LOFT and I also had a gift card there that I won in a Facebook promotion back when they opened.  To be honest, I've struggled to find something that fit me well and was long enough.  Saturday I was successful and came home with this dress.  And it was even 20% off. :)

As for the rest of my weekend...
 Saturday night, my friend Darla came over for dinner, wine, and chit-chat.  I made this salad since I don't often get to make "chick food" when Cameron is home.  We both cleaned our plates so I'd say it was pretty good!  And of course Sunday was the Super Bowl so we went over to our friend Elliott's to watch the game.  What a blow-out!  And the commercials weren't even that great.  But I did love seeing the GoldieBlox commercial.  I talked about the company here when they were competing to win a Super Bowl commercial and it was fun to see that they actually won!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Did you do any shopping this weekend?

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