Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Kiki's Dirty Thirty

My good girlfriend Darla, aka Kiki (long story), celebrated her 30th birthday last weekend. We started off the celebrations with dinner on Thursday at Fuego

margarita built for two

Then a few of Darla's girls headed down to Destin for the weekend. We stayed in Sandestin and spent Friday night in Baytown. That's when we learned we are getting too old to stay out all night :)  But I would like to thank the college boys that made this old lady's night by acting shocked that I was 31 and married. Ha! 

Saturday, most of us were hurting so we had a laid back day at the beach and ordered dinner in that night.

this about sums it up

Sunday morning, we ate a huge breakfast at Another Broken Egg - love that place 

cinnamon roll french toast - yes, please!

Then we headed over to Seaside for a few hours.  One of the cutest places on earth! 

I think we successfully celebrated Darla's birthday, but next girls trip I vote for a little less partying and a little more relaxing. As those boys pointed out - I'm getting old! :) 

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