Sunday, April 15, 2012

and then there were 5...

Our little family of 6 became 5 today.  We took our foster pup, Hank, to his forever home.  We found an amazing girl from Nashville who has been searching for several months for the perfect rescue German Shorthair.  A few weeks ago, Hank and I met her in Montgomery for a play date and decided it was a great match.  She's an active runner and I think he will enjoy being her running partner.  I have to admit I shed quite a few tears over saying goodbye.  I've just had to remind myself that he's going to a great home.  That, and our house has been quite a zoo since he joined us.  Lulu, the cat, has narrowly escaped death/serious injury a handful of times.  I'm pretty sure she would throw a party tonight if she could.  :)  I will definitely miss the best snuggler I ever met, but am happy to return to our family of five.

Hank with his new mommy

and we wonder why we can't grow anything in our backyard...

Hank has a funny way of pinning his ears back that make him look like Dumbo!

how many dogs do you know that lay down to eat??

the dog loves to snuggle

Mr. Hank, you will definitely be missed by the Gill family (except Lulu).  We were so happy to have you with us and wish you a long wonderful life with your new mom!


  1. The picture with the 2 doggies is way too cute :)


  2. It's so wonderful that you are a foster parent to these wonderful dogs. I'm on the same boat but I have cats and it soooo much harder to find homes since many people are not big fans but I keep trying!!

    Glad to hear there's a happy family ready to love more animals :D

  3. What a sweet dog! So glad that you found a forever home for him. The rest of your four-legged children are sweet too! We have 2 shelties and feel like they are our kiddos and spoil them rotten! See in your pic that you are an A-Chi-O, so am I (Texas A&M)!