Thursday, March 14, 2013

Before & After: Downstairs Bathroom

Unfortunately, our house does not have a true master bathroom, so the downstairs bathroom serves as both our bathroom and the one our friends use when they are hanging out at our house.  We do, however, have a separate vanity area between our bedroom and closet where we get ready in the morning so our "stuff" isn't all over the bathroom.  Makes it much more liveable!  So if you haven't noticed, the previous owners liked red & brown...



This little room took a lot of work.  I chose the wall color first.  I wanted to match the shower wall as close as possible because it is so prominent.  I felt like when the shower was tan and the wall was red, the room looked very choppy.  So I picked a tan paint.  The tough part was that the walls were terribly uneven.  We think there may have been wallpaper on them before, then it was stripped and painted over.  We ended up sanding - A LOT.  It's still not perfect, but much better.  Then, I went in search of a shower curtain.  You'd think it would be easy with a tan wall color, but I'm quite picky.  I ended up falling in love with this fabric
Waverly Chippendale Fretwork Quartz
So my wonderful mother made me a shower curtain out of the fabric.  The vanity had been darkly stained previously, and not very well.  So I opted for painting it a dark chocolate brown (sorry, I don't remember the color).  We changed out the light fixtures and all the hardware for brushed bronze.  I picked up the framed mirror at TJMaxx instead of the boring builder grade mirror.

The one thing left to do in this room is install quarter round.  The previous owners installed tile themselves (at least I'm hoping they didn't pay someone to do it!) and the tile doesn't quite meet the baseboards.  Again, this isn't our permanent house, so I"m not looking for a tiling project, so I think installing some quarter round will cover that gap and make it look more finished.  Something that I'm sure most people don't notice, but it irks me every time I'm in there!

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