Friday, March 1, 2013

On the plains

Last weekend, Cameron and I took a quick trip up to Auburn.  I had fully intended to share the details of our trip earlier, but 3 migraines in 4 days left me with little energy for much of anything.  Yep, three.  A personal new record - one I hope to never beat.  Any other migraine sufferers out there?  Mine started back in high school.  I had them occasionally through college, but they got worse in vet school.  Think lack of sleep, plenty of stress, large amounts of caffeine.  Not a good recipe for a migraine sufferer.  They slacked off some since graduation because I've had more control over those triggers.  I've also been more aware of my "triggers."  Mine are very much hormonal and sleep cycle related.  The problem now is that they seem to be occurring in clusters more often and in the middle of the day.  It used to be that I would wake up early, like 4am, with them, take my medicine and go back to bed.  I was usually at least somewhat functional by school/work time.  And once I had one, I was usually "safe" for 4-6 weeks.  Two of the three this week hit me mid-morning - at work.  Nothing like laying on the laundry room floor of a vet clinic because it's the darkest room you can find...Awesome.  In light of the recent events, I've decided to start a daily preventative medication so fingers crossed it works!

Enough griping and on to our trip.  We decided to go to Auburn for 3 reasons 1) we love it and miss it so much (obviously)!  2) my friend Jane Ashley from vet school was going to be working at the vet school for 2 weeks as part of her residency so we would get to hang out again, and 3) Dean, our foster dog, was adopted by a family in Auburn.

One of Cameron's archaeology friends decided to adopt Dean, so we dropped Dean off as soon as we got to town.  The plan was for them to have a "trial" run to see how he fit in with their family.  We got a text later that night saying it was a done deal.  That dog can win over anybody immediately!

Then we headed to Niffers to meet JA for dinner.  Niffers is a local restaurant with a definite college vibe.  Their homemade chips are amazing!

Saturday morning was overcast and gloomy, but we still loved every moment being back in Auburn.  It's crazy how much the campus has changed in just 3 years.  Of course, I had to get a picture of the Toomer's Oaks, as they will be torn down after the spring football game.  The university is relandscaping the corner and bringing in new trees, but it will be a while before any celebratory rolling can occur.

We wandered around downtown all morning.  Jane and I shopped at all the cute boutiques, while Cameron sat on the benches like any good husband would do.  (We realized that there isn't much for a guy to do downtown!)  I picked up a few things, but became very well aware of my age!  It may only be 3 years since I lived in Auburn, but it's been 8 since I was in undergrad!  I caught a few girls looking at us, probably wondering who the old ladies were!

Lunch was at my all-time favorite - Amsterdams.

It was a hard choice between the turkey wrap and the crab cake & avocado sandwich (one of the top 100 dishes in Alabama).  I love them both.  I chose the wrap so my sweet hubby got the crab sandwich.  Sweet potato chips were non-negotiable.

After lunch, Cameron & I spent the afternoon visiting family & friends.  First, my cousin and his family, then Cameron's former boss/professor/mentor.

We met up with Jane again for dinner at a new restaurant - The Hound.
The restaurant is located where our old favorite, Ale House, used to be.  Think fancy American food + bourbon bar.  Very cool place.  We loved it!  It was so sad to say goodbye to Jane Ashley, but we had such a good time hanging out again and were already planning the next visit!

Sunday morning, we drove by our first newlywed "home," then we had to say our goodbyes to Dean.  We were so sad to give him up, but he is loving his new home!    They live on several acres with a few other dogs and two rambunctious little boys.  He fit in so quickly and loves having the room to run.  I have to admit though there were tears shed, but it helped to see him adjusted and happy! 

After an all too quick trip we headed home.  I love going back to Auburn, but I always have that pang of sadness when I leave.

Until next time...

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