Sunday, March 10, 2013

Before & After: Office

Next up on the home tour is our office right when you walk in the front door.  Technically, it's the formal dining room, but since it isn't quite big enough to fit a long table and we needed an office, that's what we made it.  This is the room we did the least amount of work to.  I actually liked the color of the walls in here.  So other than a fresh coat of white paint on the beadboard, it was all ready to go.  One thing you may notice is the tile stops at the kitchen and switches to brick.  I'd love to have the same flooring throughout, but we've heard the brick is quite a pain to take out so it's staying.



As you can tell, we are quite proud of our Auburn diplomas - all 4 of them.  And yes, there is a litter box and mass of cords in the photo - just keeping it real.  I really want to address the cord issue (doesn't everyone?). I'm thinking about getting one of these from Amazon

or just trying this trick I saw on Pinterest
The chair I absolutely love.  I found it at an antique shop in Auburn before I finished vet school.  It was wobbly and the seat was looking rough, but the price was right and I liked the paint finish on the chair.  I ended up recovering the chair with leftover fabric from making the curtains (my first sewing project).  The fabric is Waverly Paddock Shawl Mineral.
   The desk is actually a table from an unfinished furniture store that I painted, and the rug is from Martha Stewart that I found at TJMaxx.

I talked about the bookcase that Cameron built for me here.  I painted the beadboard back the same color teal as the table for another pop of color.  It still desperately needs a little "styling," but it is what it is and I love having the extra shelf space.

For those who haven't been to our house or seen pictures on Facebook, you can see a little sneak peak of the kitchen update - by far the most dramatic in our house!

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