Monday, February 6, 2012


Tonight is a great night to give an update on my running goals.

Tonight, I ran for 20 MINUTES NONSTOP for the first time in my life!

Now I know, that doesn't sound like much to all the runners out there, but it's a pretty big accomplishment for me.  It wasn't that long ago that 5 minutes seemed like an eternity.  I have about a month and a half until the Azalea Trail Run, so I still have work to do, but it seems so much more attainable now.

I thought I would share my new favorite running song.  I was looking for songs to add to my Ipod running playlist, appropriately titled "skinny minny," and I came across Kelly Clarkson's new song.  At first, I wasn't sure I liked it or not, but it's now a favorite and the chorus at least is very fitting.

Now, I'm off to collapse on the couch with some junk TV! :)


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