Friday, February 17, 2012

Foodie Friday

For this week's Meatless Monday, we tried out some Black Bean Burgers.  I got the recipe from Food Network, of course.  I have to say they were really good, and even Cameron said they're a keeper.  I didn't follow the recipe exactly and opted to use the food processor instead of mashing everything by hand.  Maybe not the best choice.  The bean mixture was a little to fine and I had trouble getting the bean mixture to stick together in patties.  Next time, I think I'll do what the expert says to do!

I also made some Roasted Sweet Potatoes to go with our "burgers."  I found them via Pinterest.  Cameron and I love sweet potatoes.  We eat them like baked potatoes, as fries (love the Alexia brand frozen ones), and occasionally we make chips.  I thought I'd try this out to give us one more way to eat our favorite vegetable (so maybe it's not really a true vegetable, but in my book it counts!)  We really liked them of course.  We cooked them a little too long, but otherwise they were great!

For our low-key Valentine's dinner, I tried out a Roasted Shrimp & Broccoli recipe.  Cameron didn't think it sounded appetizing until I told him it had cumin in it.  The man loves some cumin!  So easy & so good.  I recommend cutting back on the salt though.

This next dish is something so simple, I don't know that you really would call it a recipe!  It's not new to us, but so easy and good I wanted to share.  There are a million recipes out there for fish tacos and we've tried several.  If you are ever in the Gulf Shores area, try the fish tacos at Lulu's.  They rank pretty high on our list.  But we needed a good recipe for at home.  One day Cameron thought this one up and we haven't looked back since.  The key ingredient is Tiger Sauce.
We were first introduced to this at Tacky Jack's, another Gulf Shores/Orange Beach area restaurant.  It's like a sweet hot sauce.  We mix this with sour cream and prepackaged coleslaw.  Fry up some fish and serve it in tortillas with a little cilantro. Yum!

That's it for this week!

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