Saturday, March 31, 2012

Foodie Saturday

Completely forgot to post this yesterday!  Oops!  Notice the new look?  I spent last night trying to figure out how all this blog design stuff works.  It's getting there, but I still want to change a few things.

Two recipes to share this week.  The first was a meatless dish from Southern Living, Black Beans & Rice.  Good, but not great.  I feel like a lot of our meatless recipes are falling into that black beans/Mexican category.  So while it was good, we've had other meatless Mexican recipes we prefer.

Ok, it's not often that Cameron and I truly hate a dish, like don't even want to eat it, start considering what else we can whip up fast...but this is one!  I have been on the hunt for more recipes using ground beef.  After a successful hunting season, we have a large amount of deer meat in our freezer.  We tend to keep the backstraps for frying then grind the rest.  This year we gave a lot away to friends too.  Any recipe that calls for ground beef, I tend to substitute ground deer, unless it's burgers or meatballs.  Venison is so lean it doesn't stick together well.  But it's hard to go through a whole deer just using it for tacos & spaghetti, so when I found the recipe for Beef and Noodle Casserole on with good ratings, it seemed promising.  I was thinking it would be a little Hamburger Helper-ish, but without all the preservative taste.  I don't write reviews often, but I did for this recipe saying I would rather eat Hamburger Helper!!  Definitely a no-go in my opinion, but here's the picture anyways.

Not a very successful week as far as recipes go.  Better luck next week!


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