Saturday, May 12, 2012

Birthday Weekend Recap

I think it's about time for a birthday weekend recap.  I am sad to say there are no pictures to share.  Trust me, we took plenty and had quite a few priceless ones.  Unfortunately, my little camera is now MIA.  I'm still holding out hope that it will show up eventually, since we know for sure that it was in the car on the way home.  I've been very upset the last few days.  It's not even the loss of the camera - it can be replaced.  It's losing the pictures.  Fingers crossed it shows up!

On to the recap - As some of you know, I turned 29 last Sunday.  Only 1 year left to enjoy my 20s - then I'm old! :)  Cameron and I decided to head to the family condo in Gulf Shores for the weekend and invited our friends, Elliott & Harry to come with.  It was an amazing weekend!  Of course, I would have loved having some of my girls to celebrate, but these boys treat me right!

We spent all day Saturday on the beach.  Except for a very brief rain shower early on, the weather was AMAZING!!  Warm enough to get in the water, but cool enough to sit on the beach.  Cameron bought a new cooler float for the trip.  If you haven't seen a cooler float before, it's awesome.  You can take your cooler out in the water with you and stay all day!  The boys enjoyed a little football and I caught up on some magazine reading. 

Saturday night, we went to Lulu's per my request.  If you aren't familiar with Lulu's, it's a seafood restaurant owned by Lulu Buffet, Jimmy Buffet's sister.  It has all the colorful, beachy atmosphere you'd expect, plus plenty of sand and toys for the kids to play while their parents sip on a frozen concoction.  The problem is that during peak season, the wait time runs about 2 hours+!  So we usually opt for a less popular restaurant.  But it was my birthday so we were going regardless!  We only waited about an hour and 20 minutes.  We got some drinks at the outdoor bar (the Jet Ski Killer is so good!) and even took turns hula-hooping, much to the entertainment of people nearby.  After dinner, we headed to the famous Flora-Bama, a dive bar located on the Florida-Alabama line.  It's most popular among college kids & bikers, but always promises a good time.  The last time Cameron & I were there, the majority of the building had been demolished by a hurricane and the "bar" consisted of tents & portapotties - yet it was still packed!  They've completely rebuilt it now, better than before, with 2 stages for bands.  After people watching and the obligatory birthday shot and Bushwacker, we spent the rest of the night dancing to a 90s band that seemed to have gotten their setlist straight from Elliott's ipod. :)  Back at the condo, the boys had an ice cream cake dessert that Elliott made, complete with candles.  Told you the boys take care of me!

Sunday was a repeat of Saturday out on the beach, followed by a little pool time, before packing up and heading home.  It was a wonderful weekend getaway and I desperately wish I had pictures to share. :(  We really are blessed to be barely over an hour from the beach plus have a free place to stay.  For this beach girl, it's heaven!

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