Friday, May 4, 2012

Foodie Friday

I've got two recipes to share this week - one is new to us, the other may be new to you.

For our meatless dish, we decided to try our hand making Pad Thai.  I found a simple recipe via Pinterest and you can find it here.  Overall it was pretty good, but we did make some mistakes.  The recipe calls for Asian rice noodles, which you have to soak in water vs. boiling.  I think we soaked ours too long.  The second mistake is that her recipe is very basic and you add in whatever meat or veggies you want.  I had completely intended on adding a bunch of broccoli, but since it wasn't written in the recipe, I completely forgot until we sat down to eat!  Oh well, it was still good.  One other thing I would recommend is doubling the sauce.  If you enjoy Asian food, it's definitely worth a try - way healthier than take-out!

The second recipe is one I haven't made in a long time - meatloaf.  Every kids worst nightmare.  Or so they say.  My mother really didn't make it much.  This recipe is from Paula Deen's The Lady & Sons Savannah Country Cookbook, but you can also find the recipe on the Food Network too.  It may not be a glamorous dish, but I love it.  I think the key to this one is the glaze over the top made of ketchup, mustard, and brown sugar.  It does not however stay together in a slice for a pretty picture...

That's it for this week.  Off to start my birthday weekend!

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