Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Weekend

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  Ours was perfect!  We spent the weekend at Dauphin Island with Mary & Poe at her family vacation house.  Friday night, the boys went night fishing while Mary and I enjoyed some good wine & conversation.
 Beautiful view of the sunset from the Dauphin Island bridge

Saturday, we headed out on their boat for a full day of fishing.  The water was crystal clear - we saw plenty of fish, stingrays, and dolphins.
 fishing under the oil rigs

 Poe & his spade fish

Cameron & his Spanish mackerel - we fried this guy for dinner

Unfortunately for us, snapper season doesn't start for another week - of course, we all caught plenty of snapper, which the dolphins were eager to gobble up when we threw them back!

There was also a huge cobia just taunting us by swimming around the boat, but wasn't at all interested in the bait.

And there was still plenty of time spent enjoying the beautiful weather.

Saturday night, we rallied and took a moonlit cruise over to the Pelican Pub, a place full of locals.  When the DJ looks like this guy:

You know it's an interesting place.  And Mary may or may not have demonstrated the Hammer Time dance...

Sunday, we had a lazy morning then headed out to Sand Island to meet up with friends and relax in the water.  Sand Island is a little strip of beach off Dauphin Island that is THE place to hang out, and Sunday it was full of boaters:

 Mary's family house is back in that little cove

 just add a tin roof and this is my dream house

Morrison getting some love from his momma

We actually headed home Sunday night and spent Memorial Day cooking out with friends and enjoying the holiday.  We also made a large home purchase that I will share about later. :)  I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday and remembered those who have sacrificed much so that we can enjoy our freedom!

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  1. Wow! What a fun Memorial Day weekend! Just happened upon your blog today, and enjoyed reading about your fishing and water adventures. Looks like you had a wonderfully relaxing time!