Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Boat Trip

 After multiple attempts at a boat trip this spring, we were finally successful.  The Boston Whaler was a little temperamental early on, but Cameron got her running better.  Sunday, we put in at Fowl River and slowly made our way, fishing and enjoying the scenery.

my first catch of the day - a croaker

 This house is huge!  We think it may be a fish camp.

because a riding lawn mower on the side of the river is completely normal...

 There are plenty of shrimp boats on Fowl River.

 Palm trees are not a common occurrence along Fowl River, except for that little patch in the distance.
According to Cameron, there is an archaeological site there that altered the land and allowed palms to take root.  The things you learn boating with an archaeologist...

 We made our way down the river until we hit the Mississippi Sound.  Thankfully, it was nice and calm so we headed across to Dauphin Island.

 that's the bridge that crosses from the mainland to Dauphin Island.  It's a beautiful drive!

 I managed to capture this flock of pelicans gliding in perfect unison.  They remind me of military airplanes for some reason.

Once we got there, we pulled up on Little Dauphin Island.  I explored while Cameron fished.
 These birds were not happy with me for disrupting them.  I'm amazed I didn't get pooped on!

 I actually found a whole horseshoe crab buried in the sand.  And for anyone who knows my obsession with collecting seashells - No, I did not keep him (however, I did think about it!).  I remember seeing these in a seashell shop in Pensacola when I was a little girl and being scared of them??  I have never actually seen them in the wild so it was pretty cool to get to find this one, then see 2 more alive in the water.  I also found tons of hermit crabs and unfortunately lots of trash. :(

After a while, some friends met up with us, and we spent the afternoon lounging on 
the beach before starting the trip back.

 I practiced driving the boat for a bit.

 and took a few more pictures of the wildlife.

It was an amazing Sunday afternoon spent on the water.  A perfect end to the weekend!

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