Sunday, June 3, 2012

destined to relax

Have you ever had grand plans to accomplish things and nothing works out?  That was Cameron & I this weekend.  I had to work Saturday morning so Cameron went fishing with his brother and 3 of our nephews.  The plan was for Cameron to pick up a pallet of sod for the backyard on his way home.  After we finished sodding the backyard, we planned to head to a huge plant sale at a mail-order nursery in Irvington. 

What really happened:
Cameron called me as I was leaving the clinic to say the grass place was out of sod.  Because of the rain this week, the delivery truck didn't come so they are out of St. Augustine.  Strike 1.

No problem - we'll just head to the plant sale early.  So we drive out to the middle of nowhere only to found the nursery deserted.  We found a worker on a golf cart who informed us the sale ended at 1pm - it was 2:30.  Great.  Strike 2.

Next idea - Unfinished Furniture of Mobile.  I have been looking for a bookcase on Craiglist for forever.  Something to replace my particle board one from college.  I'd planned on painting and distressing it anyways.  Since my search hasn't turned up a whole lot, I started thinking about unfinished furniture.  The Mobile store is attached to Ace Hardware and keeps a lot in stock - at least they used to.  We arrived to find the furniture side of the store overtaken by closeout merchandise and the small amount of furniture crammed into a corner of the store.  Needless to say, they didn't have the bookcase I was after.  Strike 3.

At this point, Cameron and I decided that we were meant to have a nice, relaxing weekend and not worry about accomplishing anything - which is exactly what we did!

Hope you all had a relaxing weekend as well!!

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