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We have been back from our trip to Memphis for a few days and I am just now starting to feel caught up.  Funny how that is?  Cameron agreed to play in a golf tournament out of town this weekend so he wasn't at home long before he was off again!

The trip was great - so good to see college friends, my parents, and visit a new city.  We left after work Friday.  I had planned to sneak out early, but the afternoon spiraled out of control with lots of sick pets showing up so we arrived in Memphis around 1am Saturday morning.  After a lazy morning, we headed out to eat some Memphis BBQ at The Commissary in Germantown.

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The ribs were amazing!  They definitely rank up there with the ribs from Sticky Fingers (my personal favorite) and, of course, Cameron's.  Their slogan is "So good y'ull slap yo' mama!" - they're good but no, there was no slapping going on!  After lunch we did a little antiquing, which Cameron & my dad were thrilled about! :)
 because everyone needs a buffalo for their child to sit on...

 loved these old printing blocks

 French furniture always catches my eye

 Cameron and I both spotted this bookcase, only to learn it was "Not for sale."  We are thinking about building one like it

Story of my life

this little greenery ball came home with us

as well as this Mexican sugar mold.  I have wanted one of these for a while and I think this is a reproduction, but the price was right.  The color is not.  I plan on putting citronella candles in it on the coffee table on the back porch.  I'm thinking about repainting it a rustic yellow...

We had to cut our antiquing short, so we could go home and get ready for Jack & Kate's wedding.  Jack is one of Cameron's friends from college.  The wedding was beautiful and it was so good to see Auburn friends.  The ceremony was held in a gorgeous Catholic church in old Memphis.  After that we headed to the Memphis Zoo to celebrate!  We were having way too much fun to take pictures (bad blogger, I know!) and this is the only one I got - Cameron with Clayton & Graham.

After the reception we all decided to head downtown to a bar named Raifords, on the recommendation of a Memphis local.  Little did we know we were headed for Memphis' version of Studio 54.  Disco balls, light up tiles in the floor, mirrored walls, plenty of smoke, and lots of disco music.  Oh and your only option for beer is a 40 ouncer!  Not quite what we were used to, but we had fun and danced the night away.

Sunday morning we celebrated Father's Day with brunch at a cajun restaurant.  My parents drove us around showing us the area, stopped to let me get my Anthropologie fix, then headed home for naps.  This old lady can't handle 2 late nights in a row!  We had a low key dinner at home on the back patio.

Monday morning we wandered through the historic town square of Collierville (the suburb my parents live in).  My mom found a store earlier that she knew I would love - and she was right.  First Fruit Collection is full of French home decor.  Absolutely gorgeous!  If I could furnish my whole home in this store, I'd be one happy girl!  Check out their website & blog for some serious eye-candy

This sweet little bowl came home with me.  I have been wanting a dough bowl for a while, but I wanted a smaller size and a smaller price tag than most ones a see.  While this isn't a true dough bowl (and I'm pretty sure it's a reproduction), it has a beautiful patina, and just the right size & price.   Now to decide what to put in it...

For lunch on Monday we ate some of the best fried chicken of my life at Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken (on the recommendation of a friend).  OH WOW.  I didn't know chicken could be that good.  After 2 pieces, I seriously considered making a second order!

So Monday was to be our tourist day.  We had planned to take a tour through downtown Memphis - sold out.  Mud Island - closed.  Even the Peabody ducks couldn't fit in the schedule due to dinner reservations.  So what else is Memphis known for - Graceland.  Now I'm no big Elvis fan, and Cameron is even less so, but Graceland is just one of those iconic places that you have to visit while in Memphis right?  The house is pretty cool - UGLY inside, but cool.  I was disappointed you don't get to go upstairs to see Elvis' room.  And in the words of another couple at the wedding - "You don't even get to see the toilet!!"

Cameron really wanted to take the monkey statue home

maybe we should bring back the carpeted hallway look...

We did have a star sighting.  One of the guys from ZZ Top was getting a private tour right behind us.  Not the best picture, but I tried not to be too obvious!

Along with the house, they have lots of other "extras" to see.  The planes and cars were cool, but after that they're just milking the whole Elvis thing.  Like the exhibit with clothes from musicians who were influenced by Elvis - really, Scotty McCreery???

After we were "Elvised" out, we went home to change for dinner then went downtown to Texas de Brazil, a Brazilian steakhouse.  We've been to a Brazilian restaurant before so we were prepared for it.  Basically, they have waiters with giant kabobs of different meats walking around and they stop and cut you off a piece.  The food just keeps coming!  We were all thoroughly stuffed!

Tuesday we hung around with my mom for the morning, dug up some plants to bring back with us (more on that later), then packed up and headed home.  It was a great trip, and I look forward to heading back to Memphis for Christmas!

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  1. Ran across your blog and I love it and, oh, yeah, WAR EAGLE!! Our son graduated from AU in '02 and even though he's an engineer in Washington, DC, he's orange and blue throughout! Love your pix of Graceland, too. We need larger-than-life icons, don't we?!